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I am by regular standards, a rather late entrant into the world of Arts. But as they say, it really is better late than never!! So during a sabbatical from my Corporate Career,  I made an important decision . . . to take my art seriously. That was in 2013.


Since then, I have been juggling my time between my personal passions - Caricature Art, Ornate Illustrations ,Bottle art and Design.


'Kaleidostrokes' is pretty much a showcase of my rather varied artistic forays. It will offer a chance for you to view all my completed works and like  / share them on social media.


To buy my original artwork and to place orders for custom / personal projects, please contact me via phone : +91 9164499242 or email me at or go to the Contact page of this site.


I also do Live Caricatures at events. Please call / email at the above mentioned co-ordinates for a booking.


For digital prints of the artworks, please contact the artist.

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